RE81WH mô đun đo năng lượng MELSEC iQ-R


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Mô đun đo năng lượng MELSEC iQ-R

Energy Measuring Module

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The energy measuring module can process measured data at a refresh cycle of 10 ms and is ideal for energy saving, facility monitoring, and quality control at the manufacturing site. Improved productivity of both equipment and the production line can be achieved by synchronizing the monitoring of consumed energy and specific energy consumption management with the control program.


Faster data measurement refresh cycle (10 ms)

Using only one module, highly detailed information such as electric energy (consumption and regeneration), reactive energy, current*1, voltage*1, electric power, power factor, frequency, harmonic current, and harmonic voltage can be measured for individual production equipment. With constant current monitoring of motors and other devices, it is possible to avoid line stoppages and downtime; thereby reducing delivery time issues due to production stoppages as well as maintenance related labor and costs. Moreover, by detecting abnormal voltage or current in manufacturing equipment and removing products manufactured during the time of abnormality, shipping defective products can be prevented.

*1. Waveform data for current and voltage can also be obtained. For further details, please refer to the product user’s manual (detailed edition).

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Modular design realizing compact size with minimal wiring

The energy measuring module requires minimal space and wiring, and can be installed directly on a vacant slot of the MELSEC iQ-R base unit, enabling measurement functions to be added without changing the layout in the control panel. Split-type current sensors can also be easily attached to pre-installed power cables. Engineering is improved as there is no need to create a separate communication program to interface the programmable controller.

*2. A configuration where measurement data is collected using a programmable controller

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Energy measuring module specifications

Item RE81WH
Number of measurable circuits 1
Phase-wire systems Single-phase 2-wire, single-phase 3-wire, three-phase 3-wire
Current circuit 5, 50, 100, 250, 400, 600 A AC
(Using dedicated split-type current sensor. Each value indicates current sensor’s primary current value.)
5 A AC
(Using dedicated 5 A current sensor. 5 A current sensor is used with two-stage configuration in combination with current transformer (CT). Primary current value can be set up to 6,000 A.)
Voltage circuit
Single-phase 2-wire, three-phase 3-wire 110, 220 V AC common
Single-phase 3-wire 110 (1-2 lines, 2-3 lines), 220 V AC (1-3 lines)
Measurement specifications
Data refreshing cycle (ms) 10…10000 (able to set in increments of 10 ms)
Measurement items Current, current demand, voltage, electric power, electric power demand, reactive power, apparent power, harmonic current, harmonic voltage, frequency, power factor, electric energy, reactive energy


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